Binary package “fp-utils” in ubuntu hardy

Free Pascal -- Utils

 The Free Pascal Compiler is a Turbo Pascal 7.0 and Delphi compatible 32/64-bit
 Pascal Compiler. It comes with a fully compatible TP 7.0 runtime library.
 This package contains some handy utils for usage with the Free Pascal
   - ppumove Place multiple units in a shared library
   - ppufiles Show needed files for units
   - ppudump Dump the information stored in a .ppu (unit) file
   - fpcmake Create Makefile from Makefile.fpc
   - h2pas Convert .h files to pascal units
   - ppdep Create a dependency file which can be used with Makefiles
   - ptop Source beautifier
   - data2inc Convert binary/text data to include files
   - plex/pyacc Pascal Lex/Yacc implementation