Binary package “ipmasq” in ubuntu hardy

securely initializes IP Masquerade forwarding/firewalling

 This package contains scripts to initialize IP Masquerade for use as a
 firewall. IP Masquerade is a feature of Linux that allows an entire network
 of computers to be connected to another network (usually the Internet) with
 only one network address on the other network. IP Masquerade is often
 referred to as NAT (Network Address Translation) on other platforms.
 By default, this package configures the system as a basic forwarding
 firewall, with IP spoofing and stuffed routing protection. The firewall
 will allow hosts behind the firewall to get to the Internet, but not allow
 connections from the Internet to reach the hosts behind the firewall.
 However, ipmasq now features a very flexible framework where you can
 override any of the predefined rules if you so choose. It also allows you
 to control if the rules are reinterpreted when pppd brings a link up or
 This package should be installed on the firewall host and not on the
 hosts behind the firewall.
 IP Masquerade requires the kernel to be compiled with masquerading support
 (please see documentation for specific kernel options required).