Binary package “libgii1” in ubuntu hardy

General Input Interface runtime libraries

 "General Graphics Interface" - a fast, portable graphics environment.
 This package contains the shared libraries for LibGII, the input
 library developed by the GGI project. Also included is LibGG, the
 library containing GGI's configuration and target option parsing code.
 Install libgii-target packages for specific input modules!
 This package contains input modules for these devices:
  null Dummy input device which never generates any input
  stdin Characters from standard input
  file Input saved by the "save" input filter
  tcp Input from a socket
  linux_kbd Raw Linux keyboard devices
  linux_mouse Linux mouse devices
  linux_joy Linux joystick devices
  linux_evdev New style HIDs
  mouse Mice of all sorts: Microsoft, MouseSystems, Logitech, Sun,
                                  MouseMan, MMSeries, BusMouse and PS2
  spaceorb SpaceOrb 3D input device
 Usually, it is not necessary to specify which of these input devices
 you want to use; LibGGI normally finds an appropriate input device.
 These input filter modules are also included:
  mouse Generic mouse event generator
  save Save away an event stream for later playback
  keytrans Generic key event translator
  tcp Send input to a tcp socket