Binary package “nethack-common” in ubuntu hardy

Common files for Nethack dungeon crawl game

 The various graphical front-ends for Nethack all share a large
 number of files in common. This package contains the graphics,
 dungeon levels, and utilities common to all Nethack front-ends.
 Please install one of the following Nethack front-ends if you
 actually wish to play the game. Each of them includes the
 original non-graphical version, and they can all be installed
 at the same time.
  * nethack-console (no graphics, just plain Nethack)
  * nethack-x11 (original X11/Athena-based graphical version)
  * nethack-qt (newer Qt-based graphical version)
  * nethack-gnome (experimental Gnome-based graphical version)
  * nethack-lisp (for playing Nethack in Emacs; requires nethack-el)
 There is a nethack-spoilers package available, if you're really
 desperate for help.
 A few utilities -- recover, for retrieving your auto-save files in case
 of a power failure, and dgn_comp and lev_comp, two utilities for making
 your own Nethack levels and dungeons, have been included in
 /usr/lib/games/nethack. 'recover' will be run every time your system
 boots, if there are any auto-save files available.