Binary package “ogle-mmx” in ubuntu hardy

DVD player with support for DVD menus

 Ogle is a DVD player with DVD menu support and some other useful
 features like bookmarks, time skipping, multichannel audio,
 and crop & zoom video and also:
     * Reads encrypted and unencrypted DVDs using libdvdread/libdvdcss.
     * Audio and subpicture selection.
     * Handles advanced subpicture commands such as fade/scroll and wipe.
     * Detects and uses correct aspect for movie and menus.
     * Fullscreen mode.
     * Screenshots with and without subpicture overlay.
     * Title/chapter search.
     * Supports different audio formats: AC-3, MPEG, LPCM (DTS
        only via SP/DIF).
 It is yet under development and has some limitations. The
 following are not yet implemented: reverse play,
 angle selection during playback, karaoke mode and closed caption
 This is the version optimized for MMX CPU extensions, as found on all
 current i386 compatible CPUs.