kdeutils source package in Hardy

ark: graphical archiving tool for KDE
kcalc: calculator for KDE
kcharselect: character selector for KDE
kdelirc: infrared control for KDE
kdessh: No summary available for kdessh in ubuntu gutsy.
kdeutils: No summary available for kdeutils in ubuntu gutsy.
kdeutils-dbg: debugging symbols for kdeutils
kdeutils-dev: No summary available for kdeutils-dev in ubuntu gutsy.
kdeutils-doc: developer documentation for the KDE utilities module
kdeutils-doc-html: KDE utilities documentation in HTML format
kdf: No summary available for kdf in ubuntu gutsy.
kedit: No summary available for kedit in ubuntu gutsy.
kfloppy: floppy formatter for KDE
kgpg: No summary available for kgpg in ubuntu gutsy.
khexedit: KDE hex editor
kjots: note taking utility for KDE
klaptopdaemon: No summary available for klaptopdaemon in ubuntu gutsy.
kmilo: laptop special keys support for KDE
kmilo-legacy: non-standard plugins for KMilo
kregexpeditor: graphical regular expression editor plugin for KDE
ksim: system information monitor for KDE
ktimer: No summary available for ktimer in ubuntu gutsy.
kwalletmanager: wallet manager for KDE
superkaramba: a program based on karamba improving the eyecandy of KDE

Versions published

There is no current release of this source package in The Hardy Heron. You can still report bugs, make translations, and so on, but they might not be used until the package is published.

kdeutils information

No published releases of this package have been uploaded in Ubuntu Hardy

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KDE SCKDE Utilitiestrunk

General purpose utilities from the official KDE release

Bug supervisor: no
Bug tracker: yes
Branch: yes
Translations: no

There are no registered releases for the KDE Utilities ⇒ trunk.