uim source package in Hardy

libuim-data: Data files for uim
libuim-dev: Development files for uim
libuim5: Simple and flexible input method collection and library
libuim5-dbg: uim libraries and debugging symbols
uim: Simple and flexible input method collection and library
uim-anthy: Anthy plugin for uim
uim-applet-gnome: GNOME applet for uim
uim-applet-kde: KDE applet for uim
uim-byeoru: The Byeoru Hangul input suite for uim
uim-canna: Canna plugin for uim
uim-common: Common files for uim
uim-el: Emacs frontend for uim
uim-fep: uim Front End Processor
uim-gtk2.0: GTK+2.x immodule for uim
uim-hangul: Hangul input style(2-beol, 3-beol and Romaja) for uim
uim-ipa-x-sampa: International Phonetic Alphabet (X-SAMPA) input style for uim
uim-latin: Latin and Germanic languages input style for uim
uim-m17nlib: m17nlib plugin for uim
uim-pinyin: Pinyin input method for uim
uim-prime: PRIME plugin for uim
uim-qt: Qt 4.x immodule for uim
uim-skk: SKK plugin for uim
uim-tcode: T-Code input style for uim
uim-utils: Utilities for uim
uim-viqr: Vietnamese Quoted-Readable input style for uim
uim-xim: A bridge between uim and XIM

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