libmagick++10 7: (amd64 binary) in ubuntu hardy

 Magick++ supports an object model which is inspired by PerlMagick. Magick++
 executes faster than PerlMagick since it is accessed from a compiled
 language rather than from a scripting language. This makes it more suitable
 for Web CGI programs which must start-up and execute quickly. Images support
 implicit reference counting so that copy constructors and assignment incur
 almost no cost. The cost of actually copying an image (if necessary) is done
 just before modification and this copy is managed automatically by Magick++.
 De-referenced copies are automatically deleted. The image objects support
 value (rather than pointer) semantics so it is trivial to support multiple
 generations of an image in memory at one time.
 Magick++ provides integrated support for STL. This support allows Magick++
 to be used with the Standard Template Library (STL) so that the powerful
 containers available (e.g. deque, vector, list, and map) can be used to
 write programs similar to those possible with Perl and PerlMagick.
 STL-compatible template versions of ImageMagick's list-style operations are
 provided so that operations may be performed on multiple images stored in
 STL containers.
 This package contains the C++ libraries needed to run executables that make
 use of libMagick++.


Package version:
imagemagick 7: source package in Ubuntu