ksokoban 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy1 (sparc binary) in ubuntu hardy

 The first sokoban game was created in 1982 by Hiroyuki Imabayashi at
 the Japanese company Thinking Rabbit, Inc. "Sokoban" is japanese for
 "warehouse keeper". The idea is that you are a warehouse keeper
 trying to push crates to their proper locations in a warehouse.
 The problem is that you cannot pull the crates or step over them. If
 you are not careful, some of the crates can get stuck in wrong places
 and/or block your way.
 It can be rather difficult just to solve a level. But if you want to
 make it even harder, you can try to minimise the number of moves
 and/or pushes you use to solve the level.
 To make the game more fun for small kids (below 10 years or so), some
 collections with easier levels are also included in KSokoban. These
 are marked (easy) in the level collection menu. Of course, these
 levels can be fun for adults too, for example if you don't want to
 expose yourself to too much mental strain.
 This package is part of KDE, and a component of the KDE games module.
 See the 'kde' and 'kdegames' packages for more information.


Package version:
kdegames 4:3.5.10-0ubuntu1~hardy1 source package in Ubuntu