Binary package “r-cran-plotrix” in ubuntu hirsute

GNU R package providing various plotting functions

 This R package provides lots of plots, various labeling, axis and color scaling
 functions. Some of them are:
  arctext: Display text on a circular arc.
  barhier: Display a set of hierarchically associated variables
  barp: A bar plotting routine
  bin.wind.records: Classify wind direction and speed records.
  centipede.plot: Display a centipede plot
  clock24.plot: Plot values on a 24 hour "clockface".
  color.legend: Legend matching categories or values to colors
  dotplot.mtb: Minitab style dotplots.
  gantt.chart: Display a Gantt chart
  intersectDiagram: Display set intersections
  multhist: Plot a multiple histogram, as a barplot
  polar.plot: Plot values on a circular grid of 0 to 360 degrees.
  vectorField: Display magnitude/direction vectors
  weighted.hist: Display a weighted histogram
 and many more. Read more about this package at