python3-oauthlib binary package in Ubuntu Hirsute amd64

 OAuthLib is a generic utility which implements the logic of OAuth without
 assuming a specific HTTP request object. It can be used to graft OAuth support
 onto HTTP libraries.
 OAuth 1 is fully supported per the RFC for both clients and providers.
 OAuth 2 client and provider support for:
   - Authorization Code Grant
   - Implicit Grant
   - Client Credentials Grant
   - Resource Owner Password Credentials Grant
   - Refresh Tokens
   - Bearer Tokens
   - Draft MAC tokens
   - Token Revocation
   - OpenID Connect Authentication
 This package contains the Python 3 version of the library.

Publishing history

Date Status Target Pocket Component Section Priority Phased updates Version
  2020-10-23 10:40:30 UTC Published Ubuntu Hirsute amd64 release main python Optional 3.1.0-2
  • Published
  • Copied from ubuntu groovy-proposed amd64 in Primary Archive for Ubuntu