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Hoary is the second release of Ubuntu, pushed to mirrors in April 2005.

Hoary is the second release of Ubuntu. Key feature goals include the integration of Hoary with the Launchpad for bugs and translation information, as well as Gnome 2.10 and the X.org window system.

The Hoary Hedgehog has no packages recorded in Launchpad.

Series information

Hoary (5.04)
Project drivers:
Ubuntu Drivers
Release manager:
Derives from:
Hoary (5.04) is not derived from another series.
Derived series:
No derived series.
Source packages:
No sources imported or published.
Binary packages:
No binaries imported or published.

Upstream packaging

208  source packages are linked to registered upstream projects. 0  need linking.

Recently linked to upstream:

ssl-cert linked 2019-10-21

samba linked by Mathew Hodson 2016-09-09

bacula linked by Mathew Hodson 2016-09-09

xcursor linked 2015-08-14

linux-kernel-headers linked 2015-04-28


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Version Expected Summary
Ubuntu ubuntu-5.04 2005-04-08
Ubuntu ubuntu-5.04-preview 2005-03-07
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