Binary package “cvsnt” in ubuntu intrepid

A better CVS

 CVSNT is an advanced multiplatform version control system. Compatible
 with the industry standard CVS protocol it now supports many more
  * Authentication via all standard CVS protocols (pserver, ext and
    gserver) and new protocols: server, sserver and sspi (Windows and
  * Secure transport support via sserver or encrypted SSPI
  * Cross platform: Runs in Windows or *nix environments
  * MergePoint processing means no more tagging to merge!
  * Per branch ACLs for a more granular access control
  * Unicode support
  * New triggers, e.g. postcommit, triggers also available as
    shared library (.so) interface
  * Under active development
 CVSNT is Open Source, Free software licensed under the GNU General
 Public License.
 See for further information