Binary package “gnome-games” in ubuntu intrepid

games for the GNOME desktop

 These are the games from the official GNOME release. They have the look and
 feel of the GNOME desktop, but can be used without it.
 The package contains the following games:
  * aisleriot - different solitaire card games
  * blackjack - the casino card game
  * glchess - chess game with 3D graphics
  * glines - color lines game, aka fiveormore
  * gnect - four in a row game
  * gnibbles - snake game, up to four players
  * gnobots2 - improved old BSD robots game
  * gnome-sudoku - Sudoku puzzle
  * gnometris - Tetris, the popular Russian game
  * gnomine - popular minesweeper puzzle game
  * gnotravex - puzzle where you match tile edges together
  * gnotski - klotski puzzle game
  * gtali - sort of poker with dice and less money
  * iagno - the popular Othello game
  * mahjongg - classic Eastern tile game
  * same-gnome - remove as many balls in as few moves as possible