Binary package “srecord” in ubuntu intrepid

Manipulate EPROM load files

 The srecord package is a collection of powerful tools for manipulating
 EPROM load files.
 The srecord package understands a number of file formats:
 ASCII-Hex, ASCII-Space-Hex, Atmel, raw binary, C array declaration,
 DEC Binary XXDP, Elektor Monitor EMON52, Four Packed Code FPC,
 Intel MCS-86 Object format, MOS Technology hexadecimal,
 Motorola S-Record, Signetics, SPASM PIC, Tektronix Hexadecimal,
 Tektronix Extended Hexadecimal, Texas Instruments Tagged, TI-Tagged
 TI-SDSMAC, VHDL, and Wilson Eprom Burner
 The srecord package is capable of the following operations:
 Conversions from any format to any other format, concatenations of
 multiple files, comparisons of files, report file summary info,
 The srecord package is capable of the following filtrations:
 checksums, byte swapping, CRC insertion, crop addresses,
 exclude addresses, fill holes, insert length information,
 maximum and minimum, adjust offsets, split and unsplit for
 memory striping schemes.
 More information can be found at the srecord web site and at the Freshmeat site