Binary package “worlded” in ubuntu intrepid

world editor for Arkrpg

 Arkrpg is a powerful and flexible framework to create
 (networked/single player) role playing games, without having to write a
 single line of C++. All the user has to do is to create game data (models,
 textures, world), and define the behaviour NPCs, in Lua. The engine contains
 a full outdoor 3D engine, with support for skeletal animation, and
 triangle-accurate collision detection. It also contains tools to create world
 and quests, and loaders for the most common low-polygon 3D formats.
 Worlded is a tool designed to create worlds for games using the Arkrpg
 roleplaying kernel. It is possible to build a game environment by using
 externaly defined 3D objects, like a house, and placing them on a 3D view.
 Ground properties can be set up, and you can move into your world to test
 it during the creation.