“apr” 1.2.12-2 source package in The Intrepid Ibex

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SUPERSEDED: Intrepid pocket Release in component main and section libs
  • Removed from disk on 2013-02-27.
  • Removal requested on 2013-02-20.
  • Superseded on 2008-06-12 by apr - 1.2.12-3
  • Published on 2008-05-03

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apr (1.2.12-2) unstable; urgency=high

  * Urgency high for RC bug fix.
  * Do not use -fstack-protector on arm and armel, since it is completely
    broken (see #469517). Closes: #477772
  * Remove unneded libtool build dependency.

apr (1.2.12-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream version.
    - Remove 020_lfs_ino_t.dpatch now done by upstream configure. Adjust
      ino_t_test.c to check that this is the same definition of apr_ino_t as
      we had before.
  * Enable hardening options: -fstack-protector -Wformat-security
    -D_FORTIFY_SOURCE=2 -Wl,-z,relro
  * Disable SCTP for now, in order to get a consistent build result in unclean
    build environments.
  * Remove Thom May, Fabio M. Di Nitto, Daniel Stone, and Adam Conrad from the
    uploaders field (thanks for your work).
  * Fix some lintian warnings:
    - Bump Standards-Version to 3.7.3 (no changes).
    - Remove obsolete XS- from VCS tags.
    - Remove empty /usr/share/doc/libapr1.0 directory.
    - Provide patch description.
  * Point VCS tags in debian control to trunk, to make them useful with

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