Binary package “manpages-de” in ubuntu jammy

German man pages

 This package contains manual pages translated into German,
 originating from a large number of projects which do not ship
 translated man pages themselves, including the traditional Linux
 manpages. The exact projects and man pages might change from
 release to release, so please look at the actually shipped files
 for the current set.
 The following sections are included:
  * 1 = User programs (e.g. ls, ln)
  * 4 = Devices (e.g. hd, sd).
  * 5 = File formats and protocols, syntaxes of several system
        files (e.g. wtmp, /etc/passwd, nfs).
  * 6 = Games etc.
  * 7 = Conventions and standards, macro packages, etc.
        (e.g. nroff, ascii).
  * 8 = System administration commands.
 The original (software) packages contain additional manual pages
 which have not been translated yet.