Binary package “read-edid” in ubuntu jammy

hardware information-gathering tool for VESA PnP monitors

 read-edid consists of two tools:
 get-edid uses a VESA VBE 2 interrupt service routine request to read
 a 128 byte EDID version 1 structure from your graphics card, which
 retrieves this information from the monitor via the Data Display
 Channel (DDC).
 get-edid uses architecture-specific methods for querying the video
 hardware (real-mode x86 instructions on i386, Open Firmware device
 tree parsing on PowerMac) and is therefore only available for i386 and
 powerpc architectures.
 parse-edid parses this data structure and outputs data suitable for
 inclusion into the XFree86 or configuration file. It is available
 for any architecture.