“imp4” 4.2-3 source package in The Jaunty Jackalope

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SUPERSEDED: Jaunty pocket Release in component universe and section web
  • Removed from disk on 2009-02-10.
  • Removal requested on 2009-02-10.
  • Superseded on 2009-02-09 by imp4 - 4.2-4
  • Published on 2008-11-07

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imp4 (4.2-3) unstable; urgency=medium

  * Backport a patch from Horde CVS to escape output on test.php file. This
    fix could be considered as a minor XSS issue, see CVE-2008-4182.
    (Closes: #500553)
  * Change Gregory Colpart's email address in debian/control file.

imp4 (4.2-2) unstable; urgency=low

  * Backport a patch from Horde CVS to correct a bug in compose page.
    Thanks to Marc Dequènes (Duck) <email address hidden> for report it.
   (Closes: #496642)

imp4 (4.2-1) unstable; urgency=low

  * New upstream release.
  * This new version has major changes compared to the previous version:
    mailbox and message caching; rewrite of much of IMP's core libraries; WCAG
    1.0 Priority 2/Section 508 accessibility guidelines compliance; javascript
    improvements/increased functionality; multiple browser windows now works;
    sent mail logging; customizable rate limiting, non-modifiable folders,
    maximum inline display size; symmetric PGP encryption, PGP public key
    fetching from keyservers; auto-complete contact list searching in compose
    screen; RSS/Atom mailbox feeds; IDN support; much improved PHP memory
    usage, better caching, and more efficient IMAP server interaction.
  * Fix confusion between binary-arch and binary-indep in rules.
  * Link some *.js files with libjs-scriptaculous package. 
  * No more need to copy CREDITS file in debian/rules.
  * A lot of improvements in debian/copyright file.
  * Update to standards version 3.8.0, no further required changes.
  * Add some remplacements in debian/rules to comply with FHS

 -- Alessio Treglia <email address hidden>   Fri,  07 Nov 2008 15:26:37 +0000