libxml-xql-perl binary package in Ubuntu Jaunty i386

Perl module for querying XML tree structures with XQL
 This module implements the XQL (XML Query Language) proposal
 submitted to the XSL Working Group in September 1998. The spec can
 be found at: Most of
 the contents related to the XQL syntax can also be found in the
 XML::XQL::Tutorial that comes with this distribution. Note that XQL
 is not the same as XML-QL!
 The current implementation only works with the XML::DOM module, but
 once the design is stable and the major bugs are flushed out, other
 extensions might follow, e.g. for XML::Grove.
 XQL was designed to be extensible and this implementation tries to
 stick to that. Users can add their own functions, methods,
 comparison operators and data types. Plugging in a new XML tree
 structure (like XML::Grove) should be a piece of cake.

Publishing history

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  2013-02-28 04:32:10 UTC Obsolete Ubuntu Jaunty i386 release universe perl Optional 0.68-4
  • Removal requested on 2013-02-28.
  • Published on 2008-10-31
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