Change logs for prayer source package in Karmic

  • prayer (1.2.3-1) unstable; urgency=low
      * New upstream release.
        - Drop repair_ssl_session_db_on_version_mismatch.patch,
          welcome_is_template.patch, template_find_bug.patch; all incorporated
        - Update makefile_install_config.patch after welcome.html gone.
      * kfreebsd.patch (new): Try to get Prayer to work on Debian
      * Add ${misc:Depends} to Depends for prayer-templates.
      * Upgrade to Standards-Version 3.8.1.
        + Add debian/README.source.
      * clean_completely.patch (new): Fix a few makefiles that didn't remove
        their build targets in the clean target (Closes: #521369). Thanks to
        Simon McVittie.
     -- Ubuntu Archive Auto-Sync <email address hidden>   Wed,  29 Apr 2009 12:08:42 +0100
  • prayer ( unstable; urgency=high
      * Since /var/run can be a tmpfs filesystem, don't ship /var/run/prayer
        as part of the package but create it in the init script (LP: 304071).
      	Also, var_prefix, pid_dir and prayer_user will by default be overriden
      	from the command line to make sure that they get the values expected by
      	the init script.
     -- Devid Antonio Filoni <email address hidden>   Tue,  17 Feb 2009 17:54:28 +0000