“webkit” 1.2.5-0ubuntu0.9.10.1 source package in The Karmic Koala

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OBSOLETE: Karmic pocket Security in component main and section web
OBSOLETE: Karmic pocket Updates in component main and section web
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webkit (1.2.5-0ubuntu0.9.10.1) karmic-security; urgency=low

  * SECURITY UPDATE: Rebuilt new stable release 1.2.5 for karmic to fix
    multiple security issues. (LP: #660075)
     - CVE-2009-2797, CVE-2009-2841, CVE-2010-0046, CVE-2010-0047
     - CVE-2010-0048, CVE-2010-0049, CVE-2010-0050, CVE-2010-0051
     - CVE-2010-0052, CVE-2010-0053, CVE-2010-0054, CVE-2010-0314
     - CVE-2010-0647, CVE-2010-0650, CVE-2010-0651, CVE-2010-0656
     - CVE-2010-1386, CVE-2010-1387, CVE-2010-1389, CVE-2010-1390
     - CVE-2010-1391, CVE-2010-1392, CVE-2010-1393, CVE-2010-1394
     - CVE-2010-1395, CVE-2010-1396, CVE-2010-1397, CVE-2010-1398
     - CVE-2010-1400, CVE-2010-1401, CVE-2010-1402, CVE-2010-1403
     - CVE-2010-1404, CVE-2010-1405, CVE-2010-1406, CVE-2010-1407
     - CVE-2010-1408, CVE-2010-1409, CVE-2010-1410, CVE-2010-1412
     - CVE-2010-1414, CVE-2010-1415, CVE-2010-1416, CVE-2010-1417
     - CVE-2010-1418, CVE-2010-1419, CVE-2010-1421, CVE-2010-1422
     - CVE-2010-1501, CVE-2010-1664, CVE-2010-1665, CVE-2010-1758
     - CVE-2010-1759, CVE-2010-1760, CVE-2010-1761, CVE-2010-1762
     - CVE-2010-1764, CVE-2010-1766, CVE-2010-1767, CVE-2010-1770
     - CVE-2010-1771, CVE-2010-1772, CVE-2010-1773, CVE-2010-1774
     - CVE-2010-1780, CVE-2010-1781, CVE-2010-1782, CVE-2010-1783
     - CVE-2010-1784, CVE-2010-1785, CVE-2010-1786, CVE-2010-1787
     - CVE-2010-1788, CVE-2010-1790, CVE-2010-1792, CVE-2010-1793
     - CVE-2010-1807, CVE-2010-1812, CVE-2010-1814, CVE-2010-1815
     - CVE-2010-2264, CVE-2010-2647, CVE-2010-2648, CVE-2010-3113
     - CVE-2010-3114, CVE-2010-3115, CVE-2010-3116, CVE-2010-3248
     - CVE-2010-3257, CVE-2010-3259
  * debian/control, debian/rules, debian/gir1.0-webkit-1.0.install,
    debian/libwebkit-dev.install: don't build introspection support for
  * debian/patches/ubuntu-gir-version.patch: removed for karmic
  * debian/patches/karmic-libsoup-version.patch: Revert libsoup
    Content-Encoding support since we only have libsoup2.4 2.28.1 in
  * debian/control: changed libsoup2.4 dependency for version in karmic
  * debian/rules, debian/control: Don't use source format 3.0 for karmic,
    but add quilt patch system.
 -- Marc Deslauriers <email address hidden>   Wed, 13 Oct 2010 13:23:26 -0400