Binary package “airspy” in ubuntu kinetic

Tiny and efficient software defined radio receiver - utilities

 Airspy is an open source Software Defined Radio that can receive
 between 24 MHz and 1750 MHz. Airspy has a 10 MHz bandwidth.
 12bit ADC @ 20 MSPS (80dB SFDR, 64dB SNR, 10.4 ENOB)
 It is a High Speed USB device powered by the USB bus.
 This package contains a set of command line utilities:
  * airspy_cpldjtag: program CLPD
  * airspy_info: probe device and show configuration
  * airspy_max2837: chip register read/write tool
  * airspy_rffc5071: chip register read/write tool
  * airspy_si5351c: chip register read/write tool
  * airspy_spiflash: read and write flash data from file.
  * airspy_transfer: file based transmit and receive sdr