Binary package “apophenia-bin” in ubuntu kinetic

Apophenia Statistical C Library -- binary package

 The Apophenia Statistical C Library is an open source C library for
 working with data sets and statistical models. It provides functions
 on the same level as those of the typical stats packages (such as OLS,
 probit, or singular value decomposition) but gives the user more
 flexibility to be creative in model-building.
 Apophenia is meant to scale well, to comfortably work with gigabyte
 data sets, million-step simulations, or computationally-intensive
 agent-based models.
 Apophenia builds upon the GNU Scientific and SQLite libraries,
 MySQL/mariaDB is also supported. The core functions are written
 in C, but experience has shown them to be easy to bind in Python,
 Julia, Perl, Ruby, etc. The source code is distributed under the
 GNU General Public License version 2 (GPL2).
 This package provides several command line utility examples.