Binary package “biosig-tools” in ubuntu kinetic

format conversion tools for biomedical data formats

 Based on BioSig library, this package provides command line
 tools, such as
  - save2gdf: converter between different file formats, including but
        not limited to SCP-ECG(EN1064), HL7aECG (FDA-XML), GDF, EDF,
        BDF, CWFB.
  - biosig2gdf: converts biosig data files into GDF, to simplify
        parsing and loading by scripting languages (e.g. loadgdf.{py,r})
  - rec2bin, bin2rec, heka2itx, save2aecg, save2scp: several converter
       tools based on save2gdf
  - biosig_fhir: packs biosignal data into HL7/FHIR binary template file.
  - physicalunits: converter for encoding and decoding of physical
       units according to ISO 11073-10101