Binary package “bornagain” in ubuntu kinetic

Simulate and fit X-ray and neutron GISAS -- binary

 BornAgain is a software package to simulate and fit small-angle scattering at
 grazing incidence. It supports analysis of both X-ray (GISAXS) and neutron
 (GISANS) data. Calculations are carried out in the framework of the distorted
 wave Born approximation (DWBA). BornAgain provides a graphical user interface
 for interactive use as well as a generic Python and C++ framework for modeling
 multilayer samples with smooth or rough interfaces and with various types of
 embedded nanoparticles.
 BornAgain supports:
  * Multilayers without any restrictions on the number of layers
  * Interface roughness correlation
  * Magnetic materials
  * Choice between different shapes of particles (form factors)
  * Particles with inner structures
  * Assemblies of particles
  * Size distribution of the particles (polydispersity)
 Positions of Particles:
  * Decoupled implementations between vertical and planar positions
  * Vertical distributions: particles at specific depth in layers or on top.
  * Planar distributions:
    - fully disordered systems
    - short-range order distribution (paracrystals)
    - two- and one-dimensional lattices
 Input Beam:
  * Polarized or unpolarized neutrons
  * X-ray
  * Divergence of the input beam (wavelength, incident angles) following
    different distributions
  * Possible normalization of the input intensity
  * Off specular scattering
  * Two-dimensional intensity matrix, function of the output angles
 Use of BornAgain:
  * Simulation of GISAXS and GISANS from the generated sample
  * Fitting to reference data (experimental or numerical)
  * Interactions via Python scripts or Graphical User Interface
 If you use BornAgain in your work, please cite
  C. Durniak, M. Ganeva, G. Pospelov, W. Van Herck, J. Wuttke (2015), BornAgain
  — Software for simulating and fitting X-ray and neutron small-angle
  scattering at grazing incidence, version <version you used>,