Binary package “clfswm” in ubuntu kinetic

A(nother) Common Lisp FullScreen Window Manager

 CLFSWM is a 100% Common Lisp X11 window manager (based on Tinywm and
 Stumpwm. Many thanks to them). It can be driven only with the
 keyboard or with the mouse.
 A display contains a root frame and its children. A child can be a
 window or another frame. The root frame or its children can be the
 current root. The current root is fullscreen maximized (no
 decorations, no buttons, no menus: nothing, just the application
 CLFSWM is highly dynamic. By default there is only one frame (the root
 frame). Other frames are created/deleted on the fly. A window can be
 in more than one frame, so it can have multiple views of the same
 Using CLFSWM is like walking through a tree of frames and
 windows. Enter in a child to make it the current root and make it
 fullscreen maximized. Leave it to make its parent the current root.