Binary package “dh-dist-zilla” in ubuntu kinetic

debhelper add-on to call dzil build and clean up after the build

 dh-dist-zilla provides a debhelper sequence addon named 'dist_zilla',
 i.e. you can use it in your project's debian/rules as "dh $@ --with
 The intention is to be able to build Debian Perl packages directly
 from a Dist::Zilla based Perl distributions without generating the
 CPAN distribution tar-ball manually first. It is analogous to using
 autoreconf to generate the configure script.
 The orig.tar.gz/.xz file must only contain the dist.ini and source
 files but not the generated files like META.yml, README, etc. If you
 use dh-dist-zilla, you can use "debian/rules get-orig-source" to
 generate a conforming upstream tar ball if none is available yet.