Binary package “dhcpcd-base” in ubuntu kinetic

DHCPv4 and DHCPv6 dual-stack client (binaries and exit hooks)

 dhcpcd provides seamless IPv4 and IPv6 auto-configuration:
  * DHCPv4 client
  * IPv4LL (ZeroConf) support
  * DHCPv6 client with Prefix Delegation (PD) support
  * IPv6 SLAAC support
  * ARP address conflict resolution
  * ARP ping profiles
  * Wireless SSID profiles
 This package provides the binaries, exit hooks and manual pages.
 It offers a dual-stack substitute for ISC DHCP Client (dhclient) on systems
 where interfaces are configured by ifupdown via </etc/network/interfaces>
 using the DHCP method.
 The init.d script and systemd unit required for systems without ifupdown are
 packaged separately as dhcpcd5.