Binary package “ftp-proxy” in ubuntu kinetic

application level proxy for the FTP protocol

 FTP-Proxy is a transparent, application-level proxy server for FTP
 connections, designed to protect FTP servers against attacks based on the FTP
 protocol. It is the first (and currently only) component of the SuSE Proxy
 Suite, a set of programs to enhance firewall security.
 FTP-Proxy is much less complex than any current FTP server, has been designed
 with great care and performs chroot(), setuid(), setgid() to avoid possible
 vulnerabilities, and is believed to be immune against current known attacks.
 FTP-Proxy features include:
  o Securely relays FTP connections between clients and servers
  o Can switch connections from active to passive and vice versa
  o Utilizes port ranges for both control and data connections
  o Provides extensive auditing (via syslog or rotating log files)
  o Can separate user related from system triggered audit events
  o Provides command restriction based on logged in user name
  o Allows command argument checking with regular expressions
  o Is able to retrieve configuration data from an LDAP directory
  o Has been thoroughly tested against buffer overflow attacks
  o Fully conforms to RFC 959 and 1123 (the basic FTP RFCs)
  o Planned to support RFC 1579 ("Firewall Friendly FTP")
  o Planned to support RFC 2428 (IPv6 Extensions for FTP)
  o Based on GNU AutoConf, supposed to run on many UNIX systems