Binary package “graphicsmagick” in ubuntu kinetic

collection of image processing tools

 GraphicsMagick provides a set of command-line applications to manipulate
 image files. It is a fork of the ImageMagick project and therefore offers
 a similar set of features, but puts a larger emphasis on stability.
 The tools support a large variety of image formats from the widely used
 jpeg, tiff, bmp or xpm to special-purpose formats such as fits or image
 formats found on some photo CDs. They can convert between formats,
 concatenate several images into one, annotate and distort them, create
 thumbnails or manipulate the colormap. While all features are available
 from the command-line, the package also includes an image viewer that
 allows interactive manipulation.
 Note that unlike ImageMagick, the GraphicsMagick tools are accessed
 through a single executable called 'gm'. Therefore, GraphicsMagick and
 ImageMagick can be used in parallel. Install package
 graphicsmagick-imagemagick-compat to obtain a set of several executables
 that is compatible to ImageMagick's interface.

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