Binary package “kamailio” in ubuntu kinetic

very fast, dynamic and configurable SIP server

 Kamailio is a very fast and flexible SIP (RFC3261)
 server. Written entirely in C, kamailio can handle thousands requests
 per second even on low-budget hardware. It can be configured to act
 as a SIP proxy, application server, session border controller,
 or call load balancer to handle a set of media servers.
 A C Shell like scripting language provides full control over the server's
 behaviour. It's easy to integrate Kamailio with 3rd party API's and
 applications using HTTP, AMQP, database drivers, LDAP, Radius and many other
 solutions. In addition there is support for scripting using Lua, Python, Perl,
 Java and a set of other languages using Mono.
 Kamailio's modular architecture allows only required functionality to be
 loaded. There are over 100 modules available: WebSockets for WebRTC,
 authentication, multiple databases - both traditional SQL databases as well as
 no-SQL, message bus systems like Rabbit MQ, instant messaging, a presence
 agent, integration with REST-ful APIs using HTTP and JSON or XML, radius
 authentication, record routing, an SMS gateway, a XMPP/jabber gateway, a
 transaction and dialog module, OSP module, statistics support,
 registrar and user location services, SNMP, SIMPLE Presence and much more.
 This package contains the main Kamailio binary along with the principal
 modules and support binaries.