Binary package “lftp” in ubuntu kinetic

Sophisticated command-line FTP/HTTP/BitTorrent client programs

 Lftp is a file retrieving tool that supports FTP, HTTP, FISH, SFTP, HTTPS,
 FTPS and BitTorrent protocols under both IPv4 and IPv6. Lftp has an amazing
 set of features, while preserving its interface as simple and easy as possible.
 The main two advantages over other ftp clients are reliability and ability
 to perform tasks in background. It will reconnect and reget the file being
 transferred if the connection broke. You can start a transfer in background
 and continue browsing on the ftp site. It does this all in one process. When
 you have started background jobs and feel you are done, you can just exit
 lftp and it automatically moves to nohup mode and completes the transfers.
 It has also such nice features as reput and mirror. It can also download a
 file as soon as possible by using several connections at the same time.
 Lftp can also be scriptable, it can be used to mirror sites, it lets you
 copy files among remote servers (even between FTP and HTTP). It has an
 extensive online help. It supports bookmarks, and connecting to several
 ftp/http sites at the same time.
 This package also includes lftpget - A simple non-interactive
 tool for downloading files.