Binary package “libgensio-dev” in ubuntu kinetic

abstract stream I/O (development files)

 This library (pronounced gen'-see-oh) is used to abstract stream I/O
 like serial port, TCP, telnet, UDP, SSL, IPMI SOL etc and offers a
 framework for giving a consistent view of various stream (and packet)
 I/O types. You create a gensio object (or a gensio), and you can use
 that gensio without having to know too much about what is going on
 underneath. You can stack gensio on top of another one to add protocol
 funcionality. For instance, you can create a TCP gensio, stack SSL on
 top of that, and stack Telnet on top of that. It supports a number of
 network I/O and serial ports. Gensio can be used for sending and
 receiving ports, and it also supports establishing encrypted and
 authenticated connections.
 This package contains the development headers and static libraries.