Binary package “mgetty” in ubuntu kinetic

Smart Modem getty replacement

 Mgetty is a versatile program to handle all aspects of a modem under Unix.
 The program 'mgetty' allows you to use a modem for handling external
 logins, receiving faxes and using the modem as a answering machine without
 interfering with outgoing calls.
 This package includes basic modem data capabilities. Install mgetty-fax to
 get the additional functionality for fax. Install mgetty-voice to get the
 functionality to operate voice modems.
 Mgetty is also configurable to select programs other than login for special
 connections (eg: uucico, fido or other programs) depending on the login
 userid. It also supports caller-id if the modem and phone line supply it,
 and can deny connections based on originating telephone number.