Binary package “moosefs-chunkserver” in ubuntu kinetic

MooseFS - data server

 The MooseFS data server.
 MooseFS (MFS) is a fault tolerant, scaling-out, network distributed file
 system. It spreads data over several physical servers which are visible to
 the user as one resource. For standard file operations MooseFS mounted
 with FUSE acts as other Unix-alike file systems:
  * A hierarchical structure (directory tree).
  * POSIX file attributes (permissions, last access and modification times).
  * Special files (block and character devices, pipes and sockets).
  * Symbolic links and hard links.
  * Access control based on IP address and/or password.
 Distinctive features of MooseFS are:
  * High availability.
  * Fault tolerance.
  * Strong integrity check.
  * Capacity is dynamically expandable by simply adding new computers/disks.
  * Deleted files are retained for a configurable period of time
    (a file system level "trash bin").
  * Coherent snapshots of files, even during I/O.