Binary package “mysecureshell” in ubuntu kinetic

SFTP Server with ACL

 MySecureShell is a solution which has been made to bring more features to
 sftp/scp protocol given by OpenSSH. By default, OpenSSH brings a lot of
 liberty to connected users which imply to trust in your users.
 The goal of MySecureShell is to offer the power and security of OpenSSH, with
 enhanced features (like ACL) to restrict connected users.
 MySecureShell was created because of the lack of file transfer features in
 OpenSSH. OpenSSH was not designed as a file transfer solution, that's why
 MySecureShell is born.
 MySecureShell is not a patch for OpenSSH, it's a shell for users.
 It has the advantage to:
  * Avoid including security holes in OpenSSH
  * No dependency on against an OpenSSH version
  * No OpenSSH recompilation is required