Binary package “nano” in ubuntu kinetic

small, friendly text editor inspired by Pico

 GNU nano is an easy-to-use text editor originally designed as a replacement
 for Pico, the ncurses-based editor from the non-free mailer package Pine
 (itself now available under the Apache License as Alpine).
 However, GNU nano also implements many features missing in Pico, including:
  - undo/redo
  - line numbering
  - syntax coloring
  - soft-wrapping of overlong lines
  - selecting text by holding Shift
  - interactive search and replace (with regular expression support)
  - a go-to line (and column) command
  - support for multiple file buffers
  - auto-indentation
  - tab completion of filenames and search terms
  - toggling features while running
  - and full internationalization support