Binary package “netsniff-ng” in ubuntu kinetic

Linux network packet sniffer toolkit

 netsniff-ng is a high performance Linux network sniffer for packet inspection.
 It can be used for protocol analysis, reverse engineering or network
 debugging. The gain of performance is reached by 'zero-copy' mechanisms, so
 that the kernel does not need to copy packets from kernelspace to userspace.
 netsniff-ng toolkit currently consists of the following utilities:
  * netsniff-ng: a zero-copy packet analyzer, pcap capturing/replaying tool
  * trafgen: a multithreaded low-level zero-copy network packet generator
  * mausezahn: high-level packet generator for appliances with Cisco-CLI
  * ifpps: a top-like kernel networking and system statistics tool
  * curvetun: a lightweight curve25519-based multiuser IP tunnel
  * astraceroute: an autonomous system trace route and DPI testing utility
  * flowtop: a top-like netfilter connection tracking tool
  * bpfc: a [seccomp-]BPF (Berkeley packet filter) compiler, JIT disassembler