Binary package “opensc” in ubuntu kinetic

Smart card utilities with support for PKCS#15 compatible cards

 OpenSC provides a set of libraries and utilities to access smart
 cards. It mainly focuses on cards that support cryptographic
 operations. It facilitates their use in security applications such as
 mail encryption, authentication, and digital signature. OpenSC
 implements the PKCS#11 API. Applications supporting this API, such as
 Iceweasel and Icedove, can use it. OpenSC implements the PKCS#15
 standard and aims to be compatible with all software that does so as
 Before purchasing any cards, please read carefully documentation in - only some cards are
 supported. Not only does card type matters, but also card version,
 card OS version and preloaded applet. Only a subset of possible
 operations may be supported for your card. Card initialization may
 require third party proprietary software.
 This package contains tools for interacting with smart cards.