Binary package “pkg-js-tools” in ubuntu kinetic

collection of tools to aid packaging Node.js modules in Debian

 The Debian JavaScript Maintainers work on packaging JavaScript libraries
 for Debian. This collection contains tools which help the tam with
 day-to-day work.
 It provides some utilities:
  * add-node-component:
    manage uscan components
  * debcheck-node-repo:
    compares vcs repo registered in npm registry with the source repo
    declared in debian/watch
  * dh-make-node:
    build debian/ directory in a source repository of a Node.js module
  * github-debian-upstream:
    creates debian/upstream/metadata for GitHub source
  * nodepath:
    show the path and/or the package of a Node.js module
  * mjs2cjs:
    generate a commonjs file from a .mjs source (rollup)
  * pkgjs-audit:
    a "npm audit" that uses Debian dependencies (npm)
  * pkgjs-depends:
    find needed dependencies for a Node.js module (npm, node-semver)
  * pkgjs-ln:
    link a Debian dependency into node_modules/
  * pkgjs-ls:
    a "npm ls" that search also in Debian directories (npm, node-semver)
  * pkgjs-utils:
    various little utilities
 and also:
  * a salsa(1) configuration file for Debian JavaScript Maintainers
  * "pkg-js-extra" profile for lintian