Binary package “pki-tks” in ubuntu kinetic

Certificate System - Token Key Service

 Certificate System (CS) is an enterprise software system designed
 to manage enterprise Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) deployments.
 The Token Key Service (TKS) is an optional PKI subsystem that manages the
 master key(s) and the transport key(s) required to generate and distribute
 keys for hardware tokens. TKS provides the security between tokens and an
 instance of Token Processing System (TPS), where the security relies upon the
 relationship between the master key and the token keys. A TPS communicates
 with a TKS over SSL using client authentication.
 TKS helps establish a secure channel (signed and encrypted) between the token
 and the TPS, provides proof of presence of the security token during
 enrollment, and supports key changeover when the master key changes on the
 TKS. Tokens with older keys will get new token keys.
 Because of the sensitivity of the data that TKS manages, TKS should be set up
 behind the firewall with restricted access.