Binary package “rheolef” in ubuntu kinetic

efficient Finite Element environment

 Rheolef is a computer environment that serves as a convenient laboratory for
 computations in applied mathematics involving finite element-like methods.
 It provides a set of commands and C++ algorithms and containers.
 Most basically, containers cover the classic graph data structure for sparse
 matrix formats and finite element meshes. At a higher level of abstraction,
 they can handle approximate finite element spaces, discrete fields.
 Flexible and powerful expressions are used to specify bilinear forms.
 Current applications include:
  * massively distributed memory finite element environment, based on MPI;
  * elasticity, Stokes and Navier-Stokes problems in 2D and 3D;
  * complex fluids applications: viscoplasticity, viscoelasticity, wall slip;
  * nonlinear problems with fixed-point, Newton and continuation methods;
  * high order polynomials, mixed elements and discontinuous Galerkin methods;
  * auto-adaptive mesh approaches;
  * axisymmetric problems;
  * multi-regions and variable coefficient problems.
 This package provides the rheolef commands. These support input and
 output in various file formats for mesh-generators and numerical data
 visualization systems such as paraview, and gnuplot.