Binary package “rss-glx” in ubuntu kinetic

Really Slick Screensavers GLX Port

 rss-glx is a GLX port of the Really Slick Screensavers collection by
 Terry Welsh ( Also included are several
 other OpenGL screensavers ported from other platforms.
 The screensavers can either be run as stand-alone applications or get
 integrated into XScreenSaver's list of active screensavers. More
 information about using these with xscreensaver can be found in
 Screensavers included in this package are: Biof, Busy Spheres,
 Colorfire, Cyclone, Drempels, Euphoria, Feedback, Fieldlines, Flocks, Flux,
 Helios, Hufo's Smoke, Hufo's Tunnel, Hyperspace, Lattice, Lorenz Attractor,
 MatrixView, Plasma, Pixel City, Skyrocket, Solarwinds, SpirographX, and