Binary package “systemd-bootchart” in ubuntu kinetic

boot performance graphing tool

 systemd-bootchart is a tool, usually run at system startup, that collects the
 CPU load, disk load, memory usage, as well as per-process information from a
 running system. Collected results are output as an SVG graph. Normally,
 systemd-bootchart is invoked by the kernel by passing
 init=/lib/systemd/systemd-bootchart on the kernel command line.
 systemd-bootchart will then fork the real init off to resume normal system
 startup, while monitoring and logging startup information in the background.
 After collecting a certain amount of data (usually 15–30 seconds, default 20s)
 the logging stops and a graph is generated from the logged information. This
 graph contains vital clues as to which resources are being used, in which
 order, and where possible problems exist in the startup sequence of the
 system. It is essentially a more detailed version of the systemd-analyze plot
 bootchart can also be used at any moment in time to collect and graph some
 data for an amount of time.