Binary package “vlan” in ubuntu kinetic

ifupdown integration for vlan configuration

 This package contains integration scripts for configuring vlan
 interfaces via ifupdown (/etc/network/interfaces).
 For further details see vlan-interfaces(5) man page in this package.
 Please note that these integration scripts only supports a limited
 set of interface naming schemes, which means you might be better
 off with writing your own ifupdown hooks using ip(route2)
 directly in /etc/network/interfaces rather than using this package.
 It currently also ships a wrapper script for backwards compatibility
 called vconfig, that replaces the old deprecated vconfig program
 with translations to ip(route2) commands.
 This compatibility shim might be dropped in future releases, please
 use ip(route2) commands directly.
 Your kernel needs vlan support for this to work, see "modinfo 8021q".