Binary package “x2gobroker-agent” in ubuntu kinetic

X2Go Session Broker (remote agent)

 X2Go is a server based computing environment with
    - session resuming
    - low bandwidth support
    - session brokerage support
    - client side mass storage mounting support
    - client side printing support
    - audio support
    - authentication by smartcard and USB stick
 The session broker is a server tool for X2Go that tells your X2Go Client
 application in a terminal server cluster what servers and session types are
 most appropriate for the user in front of the X2Go terminal.
 A session broker is most useful in load balanced X2Go server farms.
 This package contains a setuid agent command that extends X2Go Session Broker
 functionality. It has to be installed on X2Go Servers that shall be
 controlled via a session broker.
 The broker agent provides means to the X2Go Session Broker for controlling
 the X2Go Server it is installed on (e.g. suspend/terminate sessions, deploy
 SSH login keys, detect server load, detect running/suspended sessions
 of connecting users, etc.).
 WARNING: This package installs a setuid wrapper
 (/usr/lib/x2go/broker/x2gobroker-agent) on your system. This setuid wrapper
 aims to be a secure replacement for the deprecated suidperl executable that
 was removed from Perl (>= 5.12).
 This wrapper is only able to execute the Perl script
 /usr/lib/x2go/broker/ For running properly, needs setuid root privileges.
 If you hesitate to install this package, study the code of the named wrapper
 and the named Perl script beforehand. Note that the X2Go session broker will
 lack functionality, but it will work without this x2gobroker-agent component
 installed on your to-be-managed X2Go servers.