Binary package “xapian-tools” in ubuntu kinetic

Basic tools for Xapian search engine library

 This package contains several tools related to Xapian.
  - copydatabase: Copy one or more Xapian databases.
  - delve: Inspect the contents of a Xapian database.
  - quest: Command line search of a Xapian database.
  - xapian-check: Check the validity of a Xapian database.
  - xapian-compact: Compact a quartz database, or merge and compact several.
  - xapian-progsrv: stdin/stdout based server, for searching databases remotely.
  - xapian-tcpsrv: TCP based server, used for searching databases remotely.
  - xapian-replicate: Replication client.
  - xapian-replicate-server: Replication server.
  - xapian-metadata: Inspect or set user metadata in a database.
 The Xapian search engine library is a highly adaptable toolkit which allows
 developers to easily add advanced indexing and search facilities to their own
 applications. It implements the probabilistic model of information retrieval,
 and provides facilities for performing ranked free-text searches, relevance
 feedback, phrase searching, boolean searching, stemming, and simultaneous
 update and searching. It is highly scalable, and is capable of working with
 collections containing hundreds of millions of documents.