Binary package “zplug” in ubuntu kinetic

next-generation plugin manager for zsh

 zplug is a next-generation plugin manager for zsh, with the following
  * Can manage everything
    * Zsh plugins/UNIX commands on GitHub and Bitbucket
    * Gist files (
    * Externally managed plugins e.g., oh-my-zsh plugins/themes
    * Binary artifacts on GitHub Releases
    * Local plugins
    * etc. (you can add your own sources!)
  * Super-fast parallel installation/update
  * Support for lazy-loading
  * Branch/tag/commit support
  * Post-update, post-load hooks
  * Dependencies between packages
  * Unlike antigen, no ZSH plugin file (*.plugin.zsh) required
  * Interactive interface (fzf, peco, zaw, and so on)
  * Cache mechanism for reducing the startup time.